Lyric Video Portfolio

Check motion graphics lyric video designs by GHD studio.
Lyric video company for EDM, Pop, Metal, Rock, Rap bands, DJs and artists.

EDM & Pop Lyric Videos

Psychedelic, Live Video
3D Characters, Heart
3D, Neon, Realistic
Creative, Artist Images
2D Animation
Game Based Concept
Abstract, Modern
Neon, Scribbles
Neon, Images
Live Video Editing
3D, Neon
Dying Rose, Modern
3D, Brand Design

Rock & Metal Lyric Videos

Motion, Dynamics
Green Screen Tracking
2D Animated
Green Screen, Animation
Metal Video
Cyberpunk Design
Dark Light Concept

Rap Lyric Videos

Rap Kinetic Typography
Rap Kinetic Typography

Cartoon Animated Lyric Videos

Hand Drawn, Kinetic Typography
Hand Drawn, Comics
Cartoon Character
Scribbles, Neon

Even more of our videos as youtube playlists:

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