As we all know video hostings like youtube or vimeo are the most famous video platforms on the NET. It became much popular than usual television. Era of MTV came to an end. Kids don’t watch music videos on TV anymore, they prefer to watch it on Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook. Is it good for artists?
Sure, nowadays, every band or single artist may upload music video on youtube and to become famous without spending unreal sums for promotion. Of course, it’s not the only point in your “how to become popular” plan, but the rest are details, which should be observed much more accurate.

And if we have a lot of platforms, it means, that we need TONS of content. Traditional music videos are good, but, people always need more! And here comes a lyric video. Animation lyric video is a pretty new type of content, which is getting even more popular with the time. Whereas the idea of such videos was born even in the 20st century. While some people even don’t know what is a lyric video at all, top artists and labels are already using it massively.
Your lyric video viewer statistics is very important for labels, it shows how actual your music is. While it’s even more important for your fans, ‘cause one of the main goals of every lyric video is to entertain a viewer.
And the more people enjoy your video, the more chance is that they will become loyal to you. You may always check a lot of different creative and professional lyric videos in our PORTFOLIO, it’s HERE

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The first lyric video ever was made in 1988 by amazing Bobby Brown for his song “Every Little Step”. It had only one phrase in the scene, but it was a great effect for those times. The usage of these words in the video made video look unique and fresh. This video helped Bobby to get a huge army of fans and made him more popular. So, what is a lyric video?
Lyric video is an animational content which focuses on the music lyrics. The main part in the video is text. Words may be animated in a different ways and in different scenes and surroundings. Also, lyrics may be just overlayed over a real filmed music video or integrated into the scene. That’s a really simple concept, but it works!
Visualization of the song is a great opportunity for creating an awesome content. A lot of bands and musicians already got thousands of fans only with the help of their lyric videos. For example, country superstar Tailor Swift released a big quantity of lyric videos 5 years ago, and where is she know? On the top of music industry and her name is already written in the history of music.


There came more than 28 years. Lyric video evolved from a typical music video with a couple of words into a full and independent music clip. In the early beginning it was a visualization of some song words. Then appeared videos with the bigger quantity of words.
Then, we’ve got times of karaoke. There are a lot of discussions about it, but we may find karaoke videos as lyric videos too. Anyway, it’s already in the past. Then appeared simple videos with texts just over a picture (bandphoto, nature shot or any other 2d picture).

After 2d there came overlays for real footages, where texts are like over the video but not into the scene. After that, lyric videos have got a strong influence by motion graphics. It was a big step, ‘cause motion graphics require powerful equipment and experts in animation.
Such videos may be done only by experienced animators. In this period of time almost all of the lyric videos were done in this way. Motion graphics combine different creative elements – typography, images, solids and shapes. All of these elements are animated in a specific way.

After motion graphics lyric video we’ve got 3D videos. This type of music lyric video is very popular in rock and metal music. It’s a video with 3D background and animated lyrics integrated into this scene, with a big quantity of additional effects. Shaking, fire, explosions, textures and a lot of such stuff.


Lyric video today is a must in music business. Bands and musicians should post enough high-quality content regularly. And if you have no idea how to make a lyric video for your band, or have no time – our animation lyric video studio GHD will help you.
We will make an interesting concept for your video and provide a professional quality design services. Lyric videos, trailers, teasers, visualizers and samplers. We make everything what is closed to lyric videos.


Of course, you can make everything by yourself, please welcome to our lyric video school – where we will teach you how to make a lyric video. But prepare to spend a lot of hours learning software for creation of lyric videos and even more while making your first lyric video. While your final result may be not that thing your band needs.
Here at GHD lyric video maker company we provide professional lyric video services for bands and artists from all the levels. We may suggest you the best offer for every budget. Just write us details for your project and we will be happy to meet you! Also, please feel free to contact our lyric video maker school with your questions. We will help you with advice.


Sometimes musicians ask us, why do they need a lyric video instead of a a real music video? The answer is, you need them both. And repeat it, repeat and repeat.
As I wrote earlier the key to success if a constant creation of high-quality and creative content. As we may see on this chart, with every year popularity of music videos and lyric videos only rises. People will always need entertainment. Don’t lose your chance! Give your viewers what they’ll like and make your band popular.


Why GHD is the best choice as a lyrics video studio? Our company was founded and is being held by musicians and friends.
We really know good what our customers need. When we make something we always think – would we like it, if we were our clients? We suggest high quality lyric video production and best prices for lyric videos. We are a reliable partner, please read a lot of reviews of our lyric video services by our clients on facebook page.
We may use your pictures and any other stuff in the video, we apply revisions to the video on all the stages, we respect your release deadline dates. You may be sure that you won’t get any extra commissions for paying to different managers and promoters who just resell lyric videos to other designers.
Our lyric video producers contact with your customers directly. It makes prices lower and increases an efficiency of the project. While other companies have to pay extra commission to a manager and to spend more time on communication between all the sides: band, manager, promoter and producer.

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