Company Press Release

What is GHD Studio?
Founded in 2012. Delivered more than 2300 lyric video projects.
Worked with hundreds of artists, bands, management teams, label teams and companies.
GHD Factor
We love what we do and we are always deliver the maximum results. If you compare our works with other studios, you'll notice how our animation is always smoother, how every frame contains more details and how all the scenes are accurately connected together.
Our videos collected millions of views in total, working 24x7 for our customers.
On a Global Scene
Our team consists of motion designers who live in different places of our planet. So as our customers, we worked with almost every country! It's possible as we work remotely. But wealways stay connected to our mission to help artists design better videos.
Our Guiding Values
Our aim #1 to make customers completely satisfied with delivered videos.