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Professional lyric video production packages for major music labels. Or affordable, but still cool custom lyric videos for aspiring music bands.


Lyric Video Projects Delivered

For 8+ years of successful work we made more than 1,700 animated lyric videos (700+ full clips and 1000 short square clips)!


8 Years of Work Online

GHD lyric video company provides professional animation lyric video services for musicians, bands and labels from all around the world.

Lyric video design is our passion. We work hard to provide the best lyric video production options. If you want to make a stunning lyric video for your song with 100% satisfaction guarantee - GHD lyric video company will be the best choice for you!

We are trusted by many musicians, you can check reviews here or on our facebook page, and take a look at our lyric video playlist (recent official releases) which is updated regularly.


Basic Lyric Video

Word-by-word animation, custom backgrounds

Basic lyric video package is good if you are limited on time, or just need to get custom motion graphics for your release. It goes with motion backgrounds, clean and trendy typography, animated words and with the usage of different images. We can use your cover art or any other photos. Our lyric video makers can provide all the graphics too.

If you are interested in Basic Lyric Video design - just contact us, send some details regarding your project and get it started today!

Advanced Lyric Video

3D backgrounds, advanced animation

Advanced lyric video package is perfect if you want to get a bigger quantity of animated elements. Motion backgrounds, clean typography, animated words, images, video footages, different fonts, 3D models (depending on required lyric video reference, it may be done as a 3d lyric video completely).

If you are interested in Advanced Lyric Video design - just contact us, send some details regarding your project and get it started today!

Custom Lyric Video

Complex production for major labels and artists

Custom lyric video option is one of the most complex products on the market. It has all the benefits of other categories, just much bigger. We provide a detailed plan for your approval before the start.

Lyric video producers will use all the advanced techniques to make your video look unique, creative and memorable. It may be a mix of kinetic typography, edited royalty-free footages, cartoon character animation and 3D animation. Every single part of the song (instrumental breaks, drops, breakdown and etc..) will be animated according to a plan.

If you are interested in Custom Lyric Video design order - just contact us, send some details regarding your project and get it started today!


All these customer reviews, who are happy with our work, may be found on our facebook page.

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Professional Music Video Animation Services

Millions Of Views

In total, our lyric videos generated millions of views and our lyric video productions got many positive feedbacks from music lovers from all around the world.


Music labels choose our lyric video makers as our unique lyric video experience allows us to handle any project of any difficulty in a proper way.

Best Animation Products

No any other video product has such high chances for a viral promotion as animational lyrics video.


We take care of lyric video production trends which are actual right today, and know how to make a professional lyric video for your new single.


Great Heights Design animation lyric video company constantly delivers top quality lyric videos for artists from different countries (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia).

We work online, and we work with multiple languages (English, Spanish, German). We love to make such designs which underline all the artist's special character features in the video.

Lyric video sample pop cartoon

Our aim is not just to make a lyric video within your budget - but to create such product, which will represent the music in unique visual work and will allow artist to get a proper promotion.

Imagine, you release a cool custom animated lyric video and your viewers like it so much that they start sharing this on social networks. What may be better than such organic advertisement of your music?

Lyric Video Producer Portfolio

What is a lyric video?

Lyric video is a mix of visuals, lyrics and music of course. It's like a music video, just with a lower production costs and may be done without actual shooting of the artist. Musicians and labels usually use lyric videos as a pre-hype before standard music videos.

If you search some lyric videos on youtube - you'll see many of them, it's very popular now. That's not only a way to to express song meaning in visuals, that's a way to get attention with another type of stunning video content.

Why it's more entertaining than average music clips? That's simple to explain, technology (lyric video production software) allows to bring all the lyrics to life with cool custom animations, lyric video creators have almost unlimited possibilites.

And viewers really like to watch it. Numbers under releases of the most popular music artists prove that. All the top level artists regularly make new lyric video designs for their releases regularly. Do you want to impress your viewers? Just contact us for a lyric video maker today! We'll be happy to help you with it.

Get your new lyric video ready for digital distribution today!

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